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platform and Priorities

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I know many will judge me based solely off my party affiliation. But not only am I seeking to be a new kind of politician, but also a new kind of Democrat. The face of politics needs to change, and my solution-oriented and community-centric platform is here to prove that I am willing to do that. This platform represents the priorities I have identified after speaking to the community in my “Heartbeat of Cabarrus” listening tour.

I will be the first to admit I don’t have all the answers, but I pledge to always be transparent about my views, open to
criticism and advice, and always accountable to the people of Cabarrus County.

platform pillars

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Bringing Your Money Back to Cabarrus

Focusing on Fixed Costs for Families 

Creating a Sustainable Business Environment 

Investing in 

Our Future 

Public Safety Through Dialogue, Not Division

Unlike my opponent, I have identified specific policy points to advocate in Raleigh, all based around the principles of reducing fixed costs for families, strengthening small businesses, investing in education, ensuring public safety for all citizens, fixing our crumbling infrastructure, and implementing non-partisan government reform.

Less Politics, 

More Policy 

The days of not having a senator who works for you ends on November 8th, Cabarrus County.

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