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public safetyy through dialogue, not division

As a mother of two kids, I know the issues of public safety in our community because I live with concerns about it every day. I have something in common with every parent in Cabarrus County, which is a deep concern for the safety and wellbeing of my children. I have talked with numerous police officers and first responders on my Heartbeat of Cabarrus listening tour, and I will continue to do so as your Senator in Raleigh. But I will also talk to anyone who has concerns about our public services and who is open to dialogue to solve the problem. There are real issues that need to be addressed, but I believe the solution is for dialogue, not division, and for more funding, not less.


As your Senator, I will:


1. Support the development of a co-responder model for cases of mental health by collaborating with local leaders, securing critical funds, and bringing vital resources to each police department and the sheriff’s office. 


2. Develop a statewide program that incorporates law enforcement education in kindergarten through 2nd grade to provide kids with more exposure to officers at a central stage of development. 

3. Ensure funding for expansion of career and technical education (CTE) programs in school systems across the state to streamline the recruitment of law enforcement and first responders and provide a pathway to employment for aspiring students.

4. Reinforce school and community programs designed to strengthen community policing so that police forces look more like the communities they serve.

5. Raise officer pay and increase funding for resources to build the best law enforcement services in the country. 

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