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pillar II

Creating a sustainable business environment

The heart and soul of Cabarrus County runs through small businesses. Local entrepreneurs help foster a connected, small-town community feel, and they create economic growth for the entire county, which produces prosperity for all. Economic growth and prosperous citizens with high demand also attract big businesses without having to give economic incentives that give corporations an unfair advantage. This model is what makes Cabarrus so great, but our small businesses are struggling, especially due to high inflation and pandemic recovery. Public policy can make or break small businesses, so it’s important that our policies are developed in conjunction with our local entrepreneurs. We must ensure that all policies help, not hurt their efforts to build a thriving business. I am committed to eliminating burdensome policies and expanding those programs and initiatives used by the state to support a more prosperous business environment. 

As your Senator, I will:

1. Offer more tax breaks for small businesses and simplify the tax code so that expensive lawyers aren’t required to understand the system.

2. Cut red-tape and reduce licensing requirements to reduce the cost of starting and maintaining a small business.

3. Collaborate with local chambers of commerce to provide more local support for emerging businesses and 

4. Review the Small Business Health Care Act to ensure it is meeting the objective of providing affordable healthcare plans to small businesses, and build on it as needed. 

5. Directly engage small business leaders in the community with frequent town halls and forums so that my actions in Raleigh are representative of the needs of our entrepreneurs at home.

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