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pillar vi

less politics,
more policy.

As a candidate for public office, I have committed to running a clean and transparent campaign with accountability to one group – the citizens of Cabarrus County. I’m running as a Democrat because the two-party system has been entrenched in our politics by elites. But the blue I wear is not for loyalty to any party, but in honor of the blue-collar families that, like mine, have been ignored by the lawyers, corporate executives, and career politicians that have far too much influence in Raleigh. If elected, my focus will be bringing the “perfectly imperfect” decency of Cabarrus County to Raleigh as a representative with integrity and purpose.

As your Senator, I will:

1. Make myself accessible to all citizens of Cabarrus County. When you call, you will not be forced to speak to an assistant whose job is to placate you. Rather, you will have my ear, and my actions will deliver for you and your family.

2. Be present in the community, including conducting regular town halls, attending community events, and developing a system for any individual or group to request a meeting with me.

3. Contribute to the efforts of some bold legislators in Raleigh who support the creation of a non-partisan, independent redistricting commission to end this absurd partisan and judicial battle over our districts.

4. Support legislation to reduce the cost of campaigning for public office, including the gradual introduction of a public financing option, so that more working-class people can run for office, and so that politicians spend more time listening than asking for money.

5. Champion the voting rights of all our citizens regardless of race, class, or political persuasion.

6. Support legislation to end the partisanship of our judicial elections to ensure that judges are elected by merit, integrity, and commitment to the law instead of political party machines.

7. Fix state services, such as the DMV, to restore efficiency, customer service, and product excellence.

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