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bringing your money back to cabarrus 

When I talk to ordinary people in Cabarrus County, I hear how much they love this community and their life in North Carolina. The pride of Cabarrus, from Concord to Kannapolis and from Harrisburg to Mount Pleasant, is our common-sense and balanced development planning – development that enhances the quality of life for our citizens while also maintaining the small town, tight-knit community feel that is so important to people who call Cabarrus home. When I ask about hardships and frustration, folks don’t usually bring up the flashy and controversial political issues that dominate national politics. Instead, they tell me about how frustrating it is for them to pay so much in taxes yet still have to put up with the big pothole on Dale Earnhardt Blvd. They tell me they’re tired of giving the government so much of the money they’ve earned while congestion on I-85 and Highway 49 is getting worse and worse. If elected, I will bring this local- and solution-oriented approach to infrastructure to Raleigh to pass meaningful legislation that lowers taxes and creates tangible results in our community.

As your Senator, I will:

1. Make responsible budgeting a top priority to reduce unnecessary spending, reprioritize community development projects, lower taxes for working people, and close loopholes for corporations who dodge their tax responsibility.

2. Bring local issues to the floor of the Senate by talking about the congestion on our highways, the damage to our bridges and roads, and the need for responsible development that meets the needs of all in our communities.

3. Support statewide infrastructure legislation that creates jobs and brings taxpayer money back into Cabarrus County to directly fix the problems of our roads, bridges, and sewer systems.


4. Work with any state and local leader committed to universal broadband to support our rural businesses and schools, propel underserved communities into modern-economy jobs, and lower the costs of ratepayers across the state.

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